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COVID, clutter and me

This post isn’t about writing or marketing. Then again, maybe it is.

The last seven months have been messy. Offices are now in dining rooms. School is held in the family room or kitchen. And in the bedroom? Lots of tossing and turning is going on in there.

We’re all under a mountain of stress. And one of the things that wears me out besides (gestures) *all of this* is my house being cluttered.

I’m not the world’s most tidy housekeeper. I can live a day with dishes in the sink. Clothes that aren’t put away won’t saw at my nerves until about 48 hours. But there’s definitely a threshold where it becomes too much and I become that person who wants everything in its place.

During the last four months, my husband has been doing a big landscaping project. This means a hardware store’s worth of hoses and couplings and sprinkler heads in the front room. It’s a good COVID project for him and it need to be done. But, the stuff everywhere is A LOT visually and mentally.

To be clear, we have a pretty living room with a red rug that I am totally in love with. But right now, you can hardly see it.

That’s kind of like marketing, design and writing. Some people cram a lot of $10 words into their blog or muddy the water with every point possible included. A client wants a ton of ideas in one small space or a hodge-podge of different photos and fonts.

Therefore, the message (like my beautiful red rug) is obscured.

Clearing up the clutter means the reader can understand your marketing message and doesn’t have to guess or hunt for the one main point you’re trying to make. A streamlined message and layout makes it easier for someone to buy, be persuaded or inspired.

The next time you’re ready to re-work your website, brochure or messaging, take time to clean out the clutter and speak to your customer and prospect in a way that’s clear, relevant and inspiring.

S2 Creative is here to help you make sure your message is getting through loud and clear. Reach out if you want to talk about how our team can clear the clutter and elevate your brand.


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