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It’s all about the branding

If you’re talking to people about marketing or advertising for your business, you’ll probably hear about branding. A LOT about branding. For people who are not in the marketing business, they see branding as logo or a tagline or your website. But branding is more than that.

What’s your promise?

Think of branding as your promise to your customers and clients. It starts at the front door of your store, or when someone answers the phone. It continues with your staff and employees and how they represent the business. It’s in how you treat your customers, even when there’s a mistake. It’s how people feel after they come in contact with you.

Don’t make it so hard

As a business owner or marketing person, you have the job of figuring out just what your brand is and what it stands for. Picking one thing will make it easier. For inspiration, check out some of the most visible brands around like Apple or Nike or Coke. You could sum up Apple’s brand as “the coolest, most innovative products.” Nike would be “top athletic gear for all athletes.” Coke is “the drink that makes everything more fun.” Now, think about your brand.

Utilize professional help

Once you have an idea about what you, your business and your brand stand for, you can move to the bigger stuff. There are lots of smart, creative people out there who can also help you with your brand and your position in the marketplace. A marketing or advertising professional can help you figure out how to show off your brand in the best way and reach the customers and clients you want.

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