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Why right now (even with COVID-19) is a good time to update your website and brand

Let’s face it. These past months have been hard on almost every business, big or small. Some businesses like hospitals and medical suppliers have been working non-stop. Others like restaurants and retail establishments have had to figure out a new way to work.

Competition for consumers has changed during all of this. People are home more, using their devices to order groceries, shop for clothes and choose a new faucet for their kitchen. That’s why hard-working websites are needed more than ever before.

Hit the refresh button

There are a lot of practical reasons for updating your website and brand. Along with technical advances, refreshing your business image (even a little bit), keeps your customers engaged and excited to see what’s going on in your organization. For marketing purposes, an updated website can also be an effective sales tool now that your reps may not be able to call on customers or your brick and mortar building might not be open. At S2, we even decided to take time to dust and polish our site during lockdown. We reenergized some of our messaging, swapped out our photos and put oodles of new samples up for the world to enjoy.

Now it's your turn

Here are a few more reasons you should consider doing a website overhaul right now (or at least a couple of tweaks):

• Security

Hackers gonna hack. Making sure your site, host and domain name are secure will save you time and frustration in the long run.

• Control over your message

Speak directly to your customers, especially now that buying habits may have changed. Messages that let them know you can solve their problem, make their life easier or just lighten the load will resonate now more than ever.

• Design

You want to lead your category and entice people to look around your site, right? Having a design that showcases your business or organization in the best light is key. More than pretty pictures and colors, a good design can carry your brand effortlessly.


This is one of those things that is “behind the scenes.” Having the right keywords and phrases, as well as robust Search Engine Optimization, is one of the best things you can do for your website.

• Calls to Action

You want to inspire people to buy, join or visit with your website. So, having the right calls to action — and enough of them — is a big part you want to include in a hard-working website.

• User Experience (UX)

What do customers want to see on a website? How well does it function to go from one page or section to another? What’s the user’s experience? The basic rules of good websites is that they are easy to navigate, deliver the information needed in an instinctive way, and eliminate any unnecessary clutter.

If you’d like to update your website, S2 Creative is here to help. We love working with businesses who want to update (or start) their brand identity and can help translate that to their website and other marketing materials.

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