August 5, 2020

Let’s face it. These past months have been hard on almost every business, big or small. Some businesses like hospitals and medical suppliers have been working non-stop. Others like restaurants and retail establishments have had to figure out a new way to work.

Competition for consumers has changed during all of this. People are home more, using their devices to order groceries, shop for clothes and choose a new faucet for their kitchen. That’s why hard-working websites are needed more than ever before.

Hit the refresh button

There are a lot of practical reasons for updating your website and brand. Along with technical advances, refreshing your business image (even a little bit), keeps your customers engaged and excited to see what’s going on in your organization. For marketing purposes, an updated website can also be an effective sales tool now that your rep...

March 1, 2016

 A logo is your business’s identity. It’s on your website, your business cards, your trucks, your invoices and letterheads.


Having a professional-looking, well-designed logo is a signal to prospects and customers that you’re a solid business that takes itself seriously and pays attention to details.


If it’s been a while since you’re taken a good look at your logo, here’s a few reasons you might want to:


5. It’s hard to size.

If you find your logo isn’t easy to size up (or down), or that you’re always struggling to get it in the right format for a printer, it probably needs updated.


4. It was designed too many years ago.

Even Coca-Cola updates their logo periodically to stay current with styles, fonts, etc. Looking current helps your customers understand that your business is up-to-date. Think about “upbranding” your logo; it leverages the equity you already...

This is all my nephew’s fault.


For some reason we were talking about him walking to work, and he mentioned that he had done 11,000 steps the other day. Wow, was I was jealous. My walk to work is just up the stairs and across the hall. From my bedroom.


Tracking my steps

The talk turned to how to track steps. Yes, I know about the fitness trackers like Fitbit and Jawbone. But my nephew, who's a 20-something, told me my beloved iPhone6 will track my steps as long as I have it with me when I’m moving. So, I’m trying to track my steps and flights of stairs every day.


Thinking about all of this has led to me thinking about how to track advertising and marketing.


Get a 360˚ view

When you are trying to track what’s working in your marketing plan, don’t just assume that the one ad you placed is a dud because it didn’t bring any clients to your door. Or, that your we...

If you’re talking to people about marketing or advertising for your business, you’ll probably hear about branding. A LOT about branding. For people who are not in the marketing business, they see branding as logo or a tagline or your website. But branding is more than that.


What’s your promise?

Think of branding as your promise to your customers and clients. It starts at the front door of your store, or when someone answers the phone. It continues with your staff and employees and how they represent the business. It’s in how you treat your customers, even when there’s a mistake. It’s how people feel after they come in contact with you.


Don’t make it so hard

As a business owner or marketing person, you have the job of figuring out just what your brand is and what it stands for. Picking one thing will make it easier. For inspiration, check out some of the mos...

Designers. Writers. Photographers. Art Directors. These are just some of the creative people that you may run into as you work on marketing or advertising for your small business.


Using a creative brain with ad agency experience, freelance experience, or a combination of both, can bring a new dimension to your marketing. These professionals generally have training from college or art school, and understand the fine points of writing and design.


The good ones know that they are selling a product or service, and work hard to understand what your position in the market is and how to speak to your particular audience.


They also know the differences between a headline and a headline that sells, or how to make sure your logo captures the essence of your company.


To help you get the most out of your creative team, here are four things to remember as you start ou...

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