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S2 Creative logo, advertising & marketing in RVA

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for Advertising & Marketing in RVA

Helping your business stand out in the crowd is what we do. Through branding, logo design, messaging and more, we can tell your story in a way that resonates with your customers and moves them to act so your organization can meet its goals. Along the way, you’ll get our agency experience without all the usual overhead. S2 Creative uses our design and writing experience along with amazing partners like strategic planners, illustrators and photographers to deliver great creative for small- and medium-sized businesses.


Let us explore the essence of your brand and create a unique identity.

With a strong message and various media, S2 can add excitement.

Set your business apart from its competitors with a cool custom website.

Tell your story with a piece that has lasting impact on your customers.

S2 can also create ads, postcards, infographics, brand guides and more.

A distinct custom-designed logo can catch a customer’s eye.


about us


WRITER. Skier. Cook. Steeler fanatic.

With an acute understanding that good copywriting must be both creative and compelling, Stephanie has carved out a career that boasts a diverse list of clients and formats. She loves to help businesses and brands tell their story in a fresh, new way. 


DESIGNER. Health nut. Mom. Horse wrangler.

For Jennifer, good design isn’t just about something that looks cool; it’s about how hard it works for the client. Throughout her career, Jennifer’s been driven to bring brands and businesses to life through the right combination of strategy, typography, graphics and design. | 804.304.7503   | | 804.647.4043

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We love what we do. Seriously. And we think it shows in every piece we create. Whether you need a whole new brand identity, custom website, flagship brochure or even something totally unique, S2 can make it happen. Or try “upbranding” where S2 uses the equity you’ve built in your current brand and cranks it up. Fresh logo? Check. New, modern website? Done. Compelling messaging? Got it.

Check out some of our work below :

the work

the WORK, homepage

804.304.7503  |  804.647.4043

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